Who We Are

AWD are a UK based bespoke furniture manufacturer who have pride in producing all their furniture to the clients specification in Somerset UK. We have our own team of local craftsman to include blacksmith's forges, cabinet makers and stone masons.

AWD have a small team of in house Gilders who offer a wide range of finishes, all the tables are then lacquered for strength.



AWD are manufacturing their own ranges, however the other half of the business is making bespoke furniture to the clients specification to any size or finish. We can work from technical drawings or photographs.

AWD are shipping all over the world,using a long trusted local shipper who packs and crates to a very high standard.


Client List

Wimbledon tennis club
Soho club, Mayfair
Marriott Hotel, Mayfair
The Gleneagles Hotel
Chatsworth House
One Hyde Park

Longleat House
Goodwood House
Louis Vuitton
Christian Dior
Hotel Europefki, Poland
Connaught Hotel
Decorelle, Qatar

Bocca Beach Club
The Heron Group
Linley Belgravia
The Hanover Estates
Hanson Group
Four seasons
Trianon Palace Hotel

Grand Hotel Alpina
Hoares Bank
Various Superyachts



We have a very open approach to the business, working with the same Blacksmith's and Gilders for the past ten years. Half of the business is manufacturing special pieces of bespoke furniture for clients, usually from working drawings.



Adam Williams has a history of working in design, and in 2004 turned his eye to designing a range of furniture and mirrors. He has worked with Interior Decorators and Architects from all over the world and has made a special point of being able to make bespoke items to his client's specification.

He continues to design and looks at new concepts from his client's every day, and manages to solve most of the special works required in bespoke furniture manufacturing in steel and finished mainly in leafed gold and silver finishes.


Photos from our forge in Somerset, United Kingdom

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Warming up the forge

Preparing a “Scrolled leg”

Shaping a “Scrolled leg”

Our Forge in Somerset, England

Shaping a section for our Lenox table

A section from our Lenox table is ready

Constructing our Lenox console table

Locking section is in and cooling down


Video from our forge in Somerset, United Kingdom

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Video: “Building our Lenox console table”



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