Artist. Sculptor. Designer.

A sculptor, designer and art collector, Adam Williams founded the studio in 2004 with the aim of creating bold and complex metal furniture, with touches of sculptural detail that make it completely unique. His early career saw him restoring the West Front to Wells Cathedral and from these humble beginnings he discovered a love of working with stone, and later metal. His creativity led him to sculpture, and casting tables out of stone. This led him to teach himself the craft of blacksmithing and metalwork which he then applied to creating tables.

Today he works with a range of metals, marble and glass, producing work with rich, lustrous tones and engaging textures. He draws inspiration from his love of abstract art of the 1960s and 19870s. Artists and sculptors such as Henry Moore, Lyn Chadwick and Bridget Riley. Their fluid and organic forms playing a deep influence in the absract designs of Adam William’s console tables today. His design methodology is freestyle and intuitive. He might be inspired by a story, or something he has seen. Sometimes it can be just a doodle on a piece of paper that sets off a console table design.

Adam’s process of creating his table designs and sculptures are meticulous and carefully planned, despite the playful appearance of many of his designs. He loves finding ways of solving complicated technical and design problems, and enjoys creating work that is grand in scale but with sculptural qualities and an exquisite finish. The complex metalwork used for the table structures and frames require great craftsmanship and blacksmith skills. Each table is sprayed with hot metal, rather than paint, giving a very hard-wearing and bright finish. Table tops are commonly limestone and marble, and clients can come to our workshop and choose their perfect section of stone for their table top.

Adam’s creations often combine strong forms with elegant lines and a hand-crafted finish that can’t be matched in mass-produced furniture. Every piece he produces is custom-made with his small workshop team in Somserset. He loves to take commissions: both tables and sculpture; and will assist in the conceptual drawings to ensure that the manufacturing process is taken into account in every aspect of the design. Adam has developed the brand by immersing himself into fashion and interior design movements and always staying ahead of the game. To quote Adam “Design is always in a continuous state of evolving, refining, improving, enhancing and change.”

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