Console Tables

Adam Williams has spent over 20 years designing and creating bespoke designer console tables. His talents as an artist, sculptor and designer have been recognised across the globe. His tables can be found in luxury hotels, historic houses, and business headquarters all over the world.

A console table is a decorative table, used in hallways and rooms usually to display a piece or art or sculpture. The console table itself if a beautifully created piece of furniture that is designed to show off the artwork, and create a centrepiece that complements the art.

His inspiration is drawn from a variety of sources.

The latest console table collection sees ideas from trees, tree roots and feathers to swords and scabbards. More minimal of his table designs have a nod to a Georgian Lion’s claw and have beautiful hammered metalwork.

The wider console tables collection has its origins in Renaissance and historical furniture to modern art of the 1960s and 1970s. Weaving together ideas shaped from nature, and man-made items. His console tables range from functional minimalism, to abstract and everything in between, always with a unique design and often a twist on the expected.

Console Table Creation

All our console tables are created with a steel frame, handmade – and sometimes hand-beaten – to give a carefully crafted texture.

We then coat the steel with a hot metal spray bronze so that the finish on the table structure is very hard-wearing. It is also to touch as it is coated with a thin layer of metal rather than paint.

Handmade to order

All our console tables are handmade to order, and available with a wide selection of tops and finishes. We usually find our clients choose limestone or marble, but also slate, granite, or any finish you wish.

Most of our tables are finished in bronze as it is such a fantastic material. It is hard-wearing and also has a beautiful gold finish that really dazzles. You can add adjust bronze to have a slightly different colour or patina making it versatile enough to suit any project.

Our latest collection and our full range of console tables are shown below. Click on an individual image to see more information about that table’s structure and design-inspiration.