Sculpture by Adam Williams

Introducing A New Collection of Nature-Inspired Sculptures by Adam Williams

Renowned designer Adam takes us on a captivating journey through the interplay of nature, organic forms, and the mystique of the Somerset Levels landscape with his latest collection — comprising five remarkable sculptures—namely, Equinox, Continuum, The Seed, Totem and Icarus.

Immersed in the enchanting beauty of his surroundings, Adam artfully harnesses the essence of nature, allowing it to flow into his sculptural creations. The artworks stand tall, commanding attention, effortlessly embodying the grandeur of the organic world from which he draws inspiration.

Whether displayed with or without their stone plinths, each sculpture in creates a profound connection between viewers and the landscape that inspired them. These monumental forms embody the spirit of the wilderness, transporting us to a world where nature’s beauty and the organic realm’s wonders are forever preserved in a unique vision.

Adams’s collection invites us to immerse ourselves in the natural world’s splendour, celebrating the Somerset Levels’ captivating allure and the eternal influence of organic forms. The collection stands as a testament to the enduring power of nature and its ability to inspire and captivate our imaginations through the timeless medium of sculpture.

Available in sizes from 1 metre high, Adam also takes on special commissions, for more information contact


“Icarus,” the first sculpture in the collection, captivates viewers with its dynamic portrayal of flight and ambition. Delicately balanced, the bronze resin figure soars with wings outstretched, embodying the mythological tale of Icarus as he reached for the heavens. The sculpture’s patinated surface hints at the warmth of the sun and the intensity of human aspiration.


Continuum, the second sculpture in the collection, invites viewers to contemplate the ever-evolving nature of existence. With its flowing curves and intertwined forms, this creation epitomizes the cyclical and interconnected nature of life. Each twist and turn tells a story of growth, change, and the unbreakable bonds that bind all living things.


Totem, a striking sculpture in the collection, pays homage to the ancient practice of erecting monumental structures as symbols of reverence and spirituality. Rising from its stone plinth, this sublime composition incorporates fluid, organic curves into a vertical form. Totem serves as a testament to the enduring relationship between humans and the natural world.


The enchanting Equinox sculpture brings balance and harmony into the collection. With its sweeping curves and interplay of light and shadow, this bronze resin artwork captures the essence of the changing seasons. As day and night harmonize during the equinox, this sculpture reminds us of the delicate equilibrium between opposing forces and the beauty that emerges from their convergence.

The Seed

The Seed symbolizes the eternal cycle of growth and renewal. Nestled upon its stone plinth, this undulant sculpture portrays a seed in the process of germination. Each intricate detail, meticulously crafted, represents the potential for life hidden within. The sculpture serves as a reminder of the profound resilience found in nature and the transformative power that lies dormant within all living beings.

A Beautiful collection of Sculpture by Adam Williams

“My work starts with reading: rare art books, newspaper articles, and hidden archives. I love uncovering obscure or interesting stories and figures from history,’ says Adam.

The sculptures evolve from sketches to maquettes before a mould is taken and the final piece is produced. The bronze surface of the sculpture is then patinated by hand, using a mix of chemicals, to produce lustrous tones of golds, greens or browns.

“Patination delineates every sinew and muscle of a piece, revealing the depth of the sculpture and really bringing it to life,” he explains.

Adam creates sculptures that can be designed for interiors or exteriors. They are durable and weatherproof and can have a variety of finishes. We use bronze, steel, aluminium and resin.

The designs are all about the shape: kinetic and natural, inspired by nature and urban environments.

Adam’s sculpture is a combination of self-designed art, and also commissions.

Available in sizes from 1 metre high, Adam also takes on special commissions, for more information contact

Commissioned Sculptures

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Babington House, Somerset

Two commissioned sculptures one outside – “The Shield” – and the other for the interior – “Janus”.




For more information on commissioned bespoke sculptures contact