Fire. Metal. Craftsmanship.

Adam spends a lot of time sketching, drawing and sculpting his new ideas. After the initial designing process from Adam, we meet our fabrication team to discuss the designs and work out the best way of bringing them to life. The pieces are then made in raw steel form. Our tables are either fabricated (cut) from sheet metal and metal bar (Claremont console, Clasp console) then expertly welded together or hand forged by our blacksmith (Lenox console, Champagne console) after that they are then specially prepared and hand finished by our gilding/painting team. 

Your furniture’s steel frame will be cut, formed and welded by the skilled metalworkers at the Adam Williams Design forge in the ancient English town of Glastonbury.

Bringing with them decades of experience, our team of local craftsmen include highly skilled blacksmiths, cabinetmakers, gilders and stonemasons.

Our craftsmen make furniture from our own range as well as bespoke pieces as specified by individual customers. If you can imagine it, we can create it.

Gold, silver, bronze and more – your furniture’s frame will be finished to the highest standard and lacquered for added toughness. We use a special hot metal spray to finish our tables which coats the steel frame with a fine coating of vapourised bronze, rather than a bronze paint. This clever machine is used in spraying oil rigs but we use it for our metal furniture. This coating is extremely hard-wearing and cold to touch. We can add various chemicals to the spray to enhance the appearance, change the colour, and customize the table even more. We take our craftmanship very seriously and all our pieces are created to the highest quaity!

All our furniture is specially made to order. It will be drafted, cut, welded, finished and shipped anywhere in the world – just for you.


Eco-friendly: Steel is a recyclable material, so steel furniture can be recycled at the end of its life. This makes it an environmentally-friendly choice for those who are concerned about sustainability.

Natural Stone: Stones like limestone are natural product of the earth and do not require other added materials or resources to make it. Natural stones don’t contain any harmful chemicals or toxins so you can be sure of a healthy and sustainable design. 

Low CO2: Please see the following reports (Embodied Carbon in Natural Building Stone in Scotland – by Historic Scotland and Inventory of Carbon & Energy – by University of Bath ) which concludes that the CO2 equivalent of stone is lower than any other major building material.